Who am I??? Hmmmm…well, I grew up in Alabama and my parents divorced when I was 9.  My dad wound up with custody of all five of us kids!!! My siblings and I weren’t allowed to have a relationship with our mom.  That’s so freaking sad…We were left alone on more occasions than ever being supervised.  Life was so very different those days.  I discovered around age 10 that I loved running and lifting weights.  This is when I started reading Muscle Fitness magazines.  I have always loved the body and realized at a very young age I had great genetics for building muscle.  Sounds kinda weird but I did…I had great biceps and that was enough to get me hooked on fitness.  I have been a die hard since.

At the age of 17, I entered basic training for the USAF.  In the Air Force, I had the privilege of working with pilots and learned so much about myself.  It was a very stressful job but very rewarding also.  After 11 years, I walked away from the military to give my family the stability we needed.  I have worked at various places since the military but never found the camaraderie we had as soldiers.  It’s a special bond that I haven’t found in the civilian sector.

I have been a mom for almost 28 years and have 3 amazing kids.  Being a mom has honestly challenged me since I didn’t grow up with one.  It’s always been a trial and error system…I honestly know that I have made so many mistakes as a mother and have berated myself more times than I can count, but I try…And that’s also just being a parent and trying to do our best.

I have recently went through my 2nd divorce and that’s okay too.  No one in this world is perfect.  Both of my marriages lasted over 10 years and it wasn’t like we didn’t try.  Sometimes, we have to let people go in our life, especially when the same old arguments happen time and time again.  I still love fitness and know that this is my life’s ambition.  I have also discovered my love for writing.  So, now you all know a bit about my life.   I am turning 51 this year and looking forward to a wonderful peaceful future.

I will keep writing, so please keep reading.



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Life promises us no second chances. I live each day as if it were my last and give thanks for the wonderful opportunity to live on this beautiful planet. Grateful is something I wake up feeling and when I close my eyes at night, I give thanks again for all that God has given me. When we are suffering, it’s difficult to be grateful, but we must. There’s always someone else who has it far worse. I encourage everyone to find their silver lining within their given situation and look within to the energy of your soul that is so very powerful. This is our light that will burn bright and illuminate our path if we recognize it’s power. Otherwise, we lose our path and can’t remember what we have to be grateful for. My goal as a human is to shine so bright that my light radiates from me to others and makes them smile, takes away their sadness…and they can find a reason to feel happiness.


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