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As we age, our bodies take a beating. Now I’m not talking about the kinky spanking that comes to mind as we discuss sex☺ I’m as naughty as most and sometimes a little naughtier.  Sex with the right person is like freaking mind blowing!  If you can feel free enough to express your wants and desires, your body is capable of the most amazing sensations.  I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that most of us, by our 40’s have had some interesting sexual experiences☺ It’s definitely a crazy world out there and if you haven’t been living in a closet, I know you know what I’m talking about…If you have been living in a closet, please just come out☺☺  No one’s going to judge, well, maybe a little☺  Okay, back to the sex…

Our bodies change, go figure. I’m not happy about that and I’m sure you’re not either. I hate the stretch marks, loose skin, and the fake breast that now occupy my chest…don’t even get me started on implants.  They royally suck.  You know that saying, should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.  That’s how I feel about my fake boobs.  Decisions equal consequences and I definitely would’ve had reconstructive surgery on my saggy breasts but no implants.  Okay, let’s just forget about those girls☺

Our freaking vagina’s change tooooo! You know they have these wonderful exercise balls now to place in the vagina and you can squeeze them all day.  One of my favorites is Nurse Hatty’s Weight & Kegel System.  With this tool set, your vagina will be one of the strongest around☺ what a world!  It’s not all bad though.  I know my body better now and my orgasms are fucking amazing.  If you’re with a person who knows your body and how it responds, you could honestly orgasm for 30 straight minutes☺ and then collapse☺.  If you say that you’ve never had an orgasm…well, I would tell you to buy yourself a lovely toy and get to exploring down there.  I love the rabbit vibrators and of the ones that I’ve used, the Whirlwind Jack Rabbit Vibrator is amazing! It’s not scary at all, very cute if I must say so:) If you don’t know how to please yourself, how can you expect someone else to know what pleases you.  It’s your body, no shame in touching and loving it.  It’s the most freeing thing that I ever learned to do.  Masturbation totally relaxes you and is just exhilarating!  So, go buy a vibrator and even watch a bit of porn for yourself.  No one is judging.  You don’t need to tell the world☺ now, getting back to the vagina…have you ever had a lovely vaginal fart?

Vagina farts are soooooo embarrassing, right? It’s just freaking air that is trapped and needs to be expelled.  You would think downward dog would do it but nope.  There’s no particular position that causes them.  Penis goes in, penis comes out, finger goes in, finger comes out and guess what…air is getting trapped with each thrust.  I say, “just roll with it and laugh” and continue on with the HOT SEX☺ BUT, don’t forget the KY jelly.  Hands down, Liquid Silk is my favorite and I’ve used many as I’ve aged.  Grab a bottle today and don’t be shy.  Vaginal farts may make you laugh during sex but a dry vagina, now that’s just painful sex.

In our 40’s, our estrogen plummets and before long, that wet vagina needs some help.  I guess you could say, it’s kinda like a car. It needs special oil for lubrication and a tune up yearly☺ I absolutely love my estrogen and testosterone mixture that I use.  My vagina stays happy and well lubricated☺ I would recommend to all of you women and men past the age of 40, to have a hormone panel taken by an endocrinologist.  It will give you a clear indication of how well your body is functioning and it will help improve your overall sexual well being.  Now, as happy as we want our vaginas to feel as they age, guys your penis’s also changes as you age☺ yes, they do…

As men hit their 40’s and into their 50’s, stress is a huge factor that affects their ability to get it up☹ Where women’s bodies have been affected by childbirth and our own hormone changes, men go through similar things.  Men can also benefit from doing kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor that helps maintain erections. That’s right☺ women aren’t the only ones that can benefit from these☺ Now guys, if you’re carrying some extra weight, smoking, or consuming alcohol, all of these can impact your erection. Simple life changes will have you smiling and also don’t forget to have your testosterone checked!!! After the age of 40, testosterone drops by about .5% each year and this drastically alters a guy’s libido.  Great sex is a team effort by both people☺ I hope that this article has been fun and informative for both sexes☺☺

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