Gadgets Very Cool in Moderation

Who knew that pressing buttons and stuffing our faces would turn our nation into the Pillsbury Dough Boy?  How many people in this country could go to war and actually defend us without having a heart attack?


I have loved technology for as long as I can remember.  My dad, god rest his soul, gave me my very first reel to reel tape player when I was around 7.  This small box made music and it was my very own!!  I would sit for hours inspecting every part of it and completely fascinated to watch the tape as it spun from one side to the other side.  It never failed that the tape would crinkle up and you’d have to stop the player to smooth out the wrinkle. It was just an awesome piece of technology to watch because as the tape moved, music played…and you got to press buttons and what child doesn’t love that. This one device hooked me into wanting more gadgets and as everyone knows, the public gets what the public wants…unfortunately what we want and need are two different things.  All of this sitting around was going to eventually catch up to us:(

As much as I loved my fabulous reel to reel,  my dad also had a turn table that was popular around the same time frame.  He loved this piece of equipment and was sooooo freaking picky with it.  He thoroughly loved his LP’s…I remember always asking what the difference was between an LP and a 45.  He would give me the same answer every time…”an LP is the album and the 45 is a single”.  As a child, I had no concept of what either was.  I honestly didn’t know much about these round black flat pieces that felt like hard plastic.  They seemed like a toy to me..but they were absolutely NOT!  My dad had stacks of the ones I now know were LP’s and every morning he would wake us kids with music blaring while he was singing out loud:)  those were some wonderful days looking back now…the music always seemed to bounce from Elvis to Elton and my dad was particularly in great moods those mornings.  This device actually turned him into a happy man and that made me SUPER Happy.  He was not the most patient of men and music seemed to calm him.  I vaguely remember dancing a lot during those years and my dad clapping.  Those were happy moments for us kids.  We also found it very interesting to watch the turn table as it spun around and around.  The needle could be placed anywhere on the record, which really resembled a frizz bee and it would play music.  Well, I shouldn’t say anywhere…because there were lines on an LP and the needle must touch the lines..cause that’s the music:)  We also learned…not to TOUCH THE RECORD:)  Scratches made it skip and our dad got pissed.  Records were a pain to keep clean and that’s something that I will never forget about that particular technology.  No one could have guessed how fast things would change and how newer devices coming would encourage people to move less.

Looking back it all seems rather blurry and a bit sad…once 8 track tapes and cassette’s were obsolete, digital became everything.  Slowly video games evolved with graphics that were out of this world with controller’s that made anyone NOT a gamer…want to be one.  It was not uncommon for kids and adults to sit for hours playing these games eating horrible foods.  TV’s became slimmer with phenomenal picture and sound quality, again encouraging people to sit.  Older phones were land lines and took FUCKING FOREVER to dial numbers, but NOW they have morphed into this pocket size contraption that make it possible to see the person you’re talking to while also texting them messages. The cell phone has also become a toy device that encourages people to sit around while staring at a FUCKING screen.  Satellites from freaking space have made all of this possible…Ask any person from all over the world about Bluetooth.  They may not understand exactly how it works but they do know the importance of having it as a featured option.  It’s amazing when you think about it!! Because of Bluetooth and wireless routers that connect to a satellite, we can stream music, TV shows and movies at our fingertips…again limiting our need to move!!!  AND we get a crazy cloud that backs up all of our data…of course for a fee:) don’t get me to talking about the cloud ..that’s another world up there. 

Two of my favorite gadgets that I actually really like are my Bose Bluetooth Sound Dock and my Blaze Fitbit.  They BOTH are the most fantastic pieces of equipment that simplify my life and I LOVE because they encourage me to move.  I dance while listening to music and my Fitbit reminds me when I’ve sat for too long.  Who knew that we would have a speaker that one could take anywhere and that we would have the ability to play music streamed from this pocket size thing called a cell phone.  Who EVER in their right mind would have thought we could wear a watch that would keep track of our fitness goals, heart rate, AND remind us to get off of our ASS! It’s all a little overwhelming when you take a glance back at our journey here…

As much as I enjoy the convenience of all of this technology, those quiet days years ago with no cell phone constantly buzzing makes me very reminiscent of days gone by.  As a child, I played outside and felt like I hadn’t a care in the world.  Kids these days have no concept of aimlessly playing outside..they need constant stimulation from a device.  How very sad is this??? My mind and spirit as a child had downtime, those uninterrupted precious moments are gone.  I truly believe that in this new world we are just surviving and it is a must that we must find time to disengage from technology.  I say surviving, because life feels like we’re on auto pilot, just cruising along reacting to whatever device we’re interacting with.  I believe this will eventually take a toll on our society.  Just as our body isn’t meant to be sedentary and needs movement, our brain does NOT need constant stimulation…it craves quiet so that we can center our self and find our true purpose.  Maybe that’s why so many people are unsure of what path to take in life.  They’re on sensory overload.. I encourage everyone to take breaks during their day and detox from their gadgets…your brain and soul will thank you.



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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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