Don’t Tell Anyone

15 out of every 100 Americans have been a molested child or a molester!!!


This is a staggering statistic and makes me nauseous.  I will never understand this sickness..Even the thoughts of what personally happened in my life brings back a horrible terror that I still haven’t shaken.  Being molested will definitely impact your life for a very long time. I never saw it coming. 

When it did happen,  I wanted to escape with all of my power but I was scared beyond words. The air felt stuck in my throat…I couldn’t scream… I couldn’t whisper…The fear that took over my body was indescribable.  I felt paralyzed, like I had been injected with something that prevented me from moving.  I felt incapable of stopping this man and he was a family member that supposedly loved me.  I looked up to him and had always trusted him.  At the time, my little body was only around 10.  I’ve questioned myself so many times…WTF??? He was married!!! What was he not getting from his wife that he could get from a child.  It’s truly disgusting when I allow myself to give those memories any energy.  My body actually starts to tense up and I feel the flight or flight response activating.  I begin to feel so very sick to my stomach and quickly I will quieten my thoughts repeating..I’m okay..I’m okay…he can’t hurt me anymore.

Since this is not the topic you bring up at family reunions or holidays, and I had lost touch with my siblings, it took years for me to learn that my older sister was also molested by this man.  She remembers everything that happened and it was heart breaking as she shared these nightmares with me.  I am guessing that my brain deliberately blocked these images and simply protected me for a long time.  The pain that my sister and I have endured has affected so many areas of our lives.  It’s something that we’ve both tried to bury deep down and pray that it just fades away.

Several factors in our lives made this easy for this man to prey upon us.  We were pretty much orphaned and had no one to protect us.  If you or anyone that you know of…is being molested, PLEASE TELL SOMEONE!!!  Do not let this perpetrator convince you that something bad will happen to you or to your loved ones.  They are the slime of the earth…walking around disguised as someone that cares about you.  Get your mace…Protect yourself and TELL SOMEONE!

It’s Your Life!!!






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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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