It’s What’s Within

Sometimes, I find myself feeling like an outsider in this world where there is CRUELTY over skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, someone’s accent, a personal choice to have tattoo’s, body piercing’s, how someone dresses, how much money one makes or doesn’t, how much education one has or doesn’t.  I have always been more accepting and patient than most.  It wasn’t something that was taught to me, it’s just me. 

As a young girl in the late 60’s and 70’s, growing up in Alabama was definitely difficult when I just loved people…I truly never met a stranger.  It was a very painful era for me.  Comments that I heard on a daily basis made me cringe as a child.  I never understood why WE, the WHITE people were supposed to be so much better than other’s.  I detested derogatory terms for any group and it still MAKES me sick inside when I hear such negative descriptions.  One memory in particular still lingers in my mind and I was appalled that this happened on a freaking school bus.

When I was a child, African Americans were called Blacks. The city where I grew up was one of the last areas in Alabama to allow blacks to integrate with white kids at school.  I found this to be so degrading and I always felt in my heart…I could have been born black…what then? I have always felt a certain bond with African Americans.  It’s kinda weird but maybe in another life I was…anyway back to the school bus story:) I’ll never forget the bus door opening up and the cutest two little African American girls coming down the aisle.  They both had long braids and it fucking shocked me that NO ONE scooted over for them.  I slowly stood up and looked straight at them, then smiled!!! It was like the heavens opened up and sunshine fell from the sky! How could none of these other kids see how they had just hurt these two beautiful souls??? Low and behold, these two became my wonderful friends and taught me how to braid hair.  We had some wonderful times on that bus and it just reiterated what I already knew in my heart…Kindness can not be taught, it’s felt from within and the compassion that must come with it, can NOT be fake.

I believe that God gave me a special gift and knew that I would touch these young ladies lives.  Throughout my life, I have been placed in many positions where my kindness and love for people have shown others that there is a better way.  I have lived all over the world and some of my best friends were from India.  I thoroughly enjoy different cultures and learning about other’s experiences.  I make no apologies for who I am..I am a Veteran, I am white, I have tattoo’s, I speak a bit of German, I love red wine, I’ve tried pot, I listen to various genres of music, I am spiritual, I don’t like politics, I am a fitness fanatic, I do not have a college education…oh:) and I wear whatever the FUCK I want!!!   

It’s What’s Within us that counts…remember we were all children at one time just wanting to be loved and accepted…that hasn’t changed.  Be who you are, and own it!  That doesn’t mean that you have to shove it in anyone’s face …I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and talk to someone that you have judged…I know other’s judge me and I can see it in their eyes when they realize…wow!!! she’s such a nice person.  Let kindness lead us and let’s heal this sad world.

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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.




Wonderful article, Debbie! Kindness will heal others always!! I have never understood racial prejudice or hatred either, and I think people like us need to speak out more to spread tolerance and kindness to all
Mankind. 😊😊


Wonderful article, Debbie! Kindness will heal others always!! I have never understood racial prejudice or hatred either, and I think people like us need to speak out more to spread tolerance and love to all Mankind. 😊😊


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