Anal, Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Aye, what a topic??? I know many of you out there are wondering who does she think she is to write about anal sex:)  I’m probably not like anyone that you’ve met.  For many years I subdued myself to conform to what others thought.  Now, I am becoming my authentic self and this colorful person you’re reading…is me:)  I have always had a comical sense of humor, just kept it on the DL…and this topic is perfect for a morning cup of coffee..LMAO..Anal sex???

What is the fascination with the ass??? It’s really quite shitty if you think about it:)  I’m seriously confused about why so many men want to go up there:)  Both of my previous husbands eventually gathered the nerve to broach that territory…I can’t even write this without laughing:)  The moment that your man or your lesbian lover heads to that southern part of your anatomy or it could be northern..depending on the position you’re in:) your mind starts praying that they will take a detour or just play with the asshole a bit:) 

I don’t know too many women that are super excited about having their ass used as an experiment…it’s not really been proven to be sexually stimulating.  I don’t care how many porn movies out there show the girl’s giving that fake fucking look to the camera…that look has been perfected so NOOOOO one knows the AGONY that her ass is feeling.  Come on people…your ass gets torn up from having something the size of a small cucumber repeated shoved in it.  How fun is that?  Why can’t we just have normal fucking???

Anal is not normal…It’s an area that should not have blood oozing from it…if that’s happening, a good old hemorrhoid would be a better reason than an anal fucking:)  I have vibrators and of course, I love them…but nothing could ever make me want to fuck myself in the ass!!! and ohhhhh the hygiene…ooooooh…if you have vaginal sex and someone decides they want to venture into the ass…those two areas don’t mix.  If your partner does probe the ass and then decides to head back to the pussy…hands need to be cleaned guys…a microscopic particle of shit can really cause problems.  UTI’s are not fun…SO the next time you want to fuck the anal…go to and Joe Rogan has plenty of ideas for you:) 

I hope this article made you laugh a bit this morning and think before you travel to that forbidden zone..also pay attention to the fake sounds…if the woman is screaming ridiculously or uncomfortably quiet, you’ll know this is all about you…and she’s taking one for the team:)

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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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