Are You Emotionally Unavailable

I don’t believe that we intentionally want to hurt the people that love us either..

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Our Desire to Belong

I am stronger because of the adversities that I’ve had to overcome…

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Are We Nothing but Lost Souls

All that we have are connections on a device that tell us if we’re liked or not…

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Porn, Monogamy’s Competition

Is loving one person for the rest of your life possible anymore? I’m not sure.  I have no idea if Monogamy exists for an extended period of time in our current world.  It’s really scary putting oneself back out in this crazy cesspool. There’s as many dating websites as porn sites.  I used to think marriage was a sacred covenant and could withstand anything.  Now, I’m not sure of anything.

It’s not that you can’t find someone to date…it’s the scary reality that they’re probably chatting up 10 different people as well.  They can be texting you at the same time they’re messaging someone else on social media.  I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s scary.  How is anyone ever supposed to trust anyone?  I know, I know..I hate to be the Debbie Downer but it’s like Whitney Houston..”How Will I Know”..we want to be loved but that’s difficult without trust.

As genders go, we are very different… men…well that’s easy..they’re horny and visual.  Women…want to feel loved and wanted…If a woman doesn’t get enough love, she may eventually venture on to a dating website seeking attention..If a man isn’t getting enough sex, he can find it instantaneously. Webcams are out there with young hot women just waiting for an opportunity to chat with your man.  They will do things that are honestly downright sad. It’s truly disturbing that these young women think it’s appropriate to have live sex through a webcam with men over half their age.  When will we women RISE UP and stop CHOOSING OBJECTIFICATION by men!!!  No one is forcing these young women to do these acts, this is their choice:(  I honestly think this stems partially from girls that didn’t get enough attention from their fathers and now have the unfortunate Daddy Issue syndrome. Just my thoughts..Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter if both parties are happy in the relationship either ..the fantasy for something new and exciting is so easily attainable.  That’s our new world..instant gratification..

Our family structure in America has greatly diminished over time and this has certainly affected both sexes. Divorce rates are skyrocketing and there are a lot of children growing up without parents around to love them.  This is not helping them feel wanted or loved at home.  As they reach puberty, they need a lot of love to save them from these horrible avenues.  It’s an unfortunate realization that our children are also being exposed to porn and this IS affecting their relationships.  I have heard horror stories of what boys expect now because of viewing porn…They think girls should be doing certain things on dates and should look a certain way naked…I don’t know about you all but this scares me as a mom to a young daughter..We all know that most porn is an act…someone faking for the camera…but these boys don’t know this …Having sex at a younger age NOW is NOT uncommon.  It’s becoming more the norm.

We all have the additional pressures from social media.  This constant need to stay connected has impacted everyone’s life.  Our family time is now interrupted by a persistent beep or buzzing sound.  Children that once paid attention to parents,  are now sidetracked by an app calling their name or a snap chat request.  Partners that once spent valuable time together may find themselves surfing Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat or on dating websites looking at the singles…and before long that loving relationship that was thriving is dying.. If any couple is going to make it in this crazy world, daily cuddles and lots of laughter together will help. Also, don’t be afraid to talk about each other’s fantasy’s…it may help you grow as a couple and ward off future entertaining thoughts that may destroy what you have.

  As a parent, I do believe that the uncomfortable conversations about porn have to be had…It’s not IF they’re watching it..We HAVE put IT in their hands…They’re smarter than we ever were, computer savvy, and it’s up to us to educate them on what porn really is…Embrace the power of being a parent.