Are We Nothing but Lost Souls

Every day I meet people that are hurting in some way or another.  I’ve thought so much about our new world and how these rapid changes that instantaneously connect us, may actually inflict more pain in our lives.  We are not a piece of Artificial Intelligence that can continually function with such a huge demand on our software.  Our mind, body and soul need down time.

Quietness lets our spirit take a breath, recharge and literally once this happens, better decisions can be made.  All of us are riding this crazy train that is changing second by second.  Our souls need time to soak up experiences, laugh out loud, to cry from laughing so hard, to feel chills from special moments…  Just like a sponge, we need to absorb these moments and take them all into this magnificent being.  This supersonic train that we’re on barely gives us time to breathe or sleep…Our devices buzz and buzz and buzz…You know exactly what I’m talking about. 

How many of us truly get time for our families?  We’re rushing from point A to point B, to literally see our children and spouse for a moment.  We’re connecting to people on apps as we’re driving, which is ludicrous.  We’re talking to Siri on the drive, so we can take care of one more important thing.  We’re scrolling through images on social media…TO see if we MATTER and MAYBE if there’s something BETTER out there than what we CURRENTLY HAVE…Our children are also on this train.  Homework, as it’s being done…has our children checking their apps and these expectations of someone liking them on social media is HUGE!  These LIKES  are not just important to kids either.  Adults are sitting around in some sort of fucking daze waiting for that STUPID thumb’s up or thumb’s down.  It’s really so sad how much of our lives we’re wasting on this brain numbing mindless shit. 

Our souls are begging for a reprieve from this constant inundation of information that we don’t truly need.  I take daily notice of my own journey and how I feel when I connect with an actual human being.  My soul lights up and the energy that is shared between two people is something so very special.  You can not get this from a freaking app, social media, the Apple Store, an internet site…it’s not there.  I challenge EACH of you to PUT your devices AWAY while you’re shopping, having coffee, getting your hair done, etc…and strike up a conversation with an actual person.  It feels soooooo amazing to bond with a real live person.  It doesn’t need to be a long drawn out thing…Just use those things we call WORDS:)

What is going to happen to us when we no longer feel anything?  All that we have are connections on a device that tell us if we’re liked or not…Then we’re truly fucked and lost…Let’s not let this happen.  Our children need to know the importance of social skills and the benefits of human touch…hand shakes and hugs are so very important to real connections.  We only get ONE LIFE, let’s not get LOST.  

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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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