It’s in the Eyes

I’ve always been acutely drawn to eyes and the story that they tell us about their owner.  It’s just a split second when you glance at someone and make eye contact that your soul’s felt each other.  Most people these days seem to function on auto pilot without ever being aware of these connections.  We just bee bop along from point A to point B to achieve whatever pertinent tasks needs to be done, never aware of the most wonderful souls around us.  

I think a lot about people and how our external selfishness prevents us from seeing that we’re far more alike than different.  That truly brings me to one of my most passionate areas…In America, we have a very high percentage of obese individuals.  As a child, I honestly never paid much attention to how many people were over weight around me.  I was always active and learned at a very young age not to over fill my plate…I only had to finish the entire plate of food one time and I was super sick…This memory stuck with me, and I learned a valuable lesson…but getting back to obesity.  I see with my eyes how people will shoot a glance at the large man or woman walking through the door.  As their ordering food, it’s like you can see the wheels turning in brains around you…”do they really need that,” “shouldn’t they make healthier choices?”…My heart physically aches for the obese person.  Their soul radiates from their eyes the same as mine does.  I have watched as they grab their orders and make their escape to the outside freedom. It’s truly heartbreaking.

The eyes do not lie.  Whomever we are, our eyes have a story to tell.  We may appear to be financially independent, super in shape, dressed to the nines, carry the most expensive handbag, wear designer clothing, flaunt expensive jewelry, drive an expensive car…but what would our souls say if they could talk?  Our eyes are searching when they’re looking.  They’re making connections and revealing bits of us as they blink.  When a person is smiling at you with their mouth, are they also smiling from the eyes?  When the eyes smile, do the lips curve into a natural relaxed smile?  If a person is fake, it will come from those lovely eyes.  The soul can NOT be shone to us from anywhere else on a person.  It shines or it doesn’t.  

Who we are externally plays a big part in our world now…Getting back to obesity.  My soul feels very protective of these individuals. I don’t believe anyone intentionally becomes obese.  I sense emotional pain when I’m near someone that is overweight. It is my deepest desire to truly make them feel loved.  I can not imagine how it would feel to be trapped inside of your own self, looking out through beautiful eyes to see that others don’t see how beautiful you are.  Extra weight does not affect our soul’s ability to love.  As a society, yes we honestly need to lose the weight so that we feel healthier and better about ourselves.  Our children are also watching us with their lovely souls.  We not only have a responsibility to teach them healthy lifetime habits but to also have compassion for everyone.  No one is any better than anyone else and is it truly so difficult to treat each other the way we want to be treated…  

My challenge is for each of us to look into strangers eyes, smile and realize that we’re far more alike than different.  We’re not just empty shells walking around…There is so much more going on in the inside than we choose to see. We’re souls with a beautiful energy that will light up the world if we can find the ability to connect to each other.    

Compassion heals and remember…Our eyes are leading the way.      

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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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