A Mother’s Worth

Sometimes I become nostalgic for shows like this that take me back to a time where being a stay at home mother was acceptable and even praised.  Now it’s almost an embarrassment to say that being a mom and wife are your only jobs.  I have been on both sides of the fence and honestly going to an actual job is much easier.  There are breaks to take, interacting with other adults and your own paycheck just to name a few of the pros.  Staying at home with kids day in and day out can get very monotonous.  Ask any stay at home mom out there and she knows what I’m talking about.  It’s bitter sweet…

Before my divorce,  I was THAT dedicated stay at home mom/wife for fourteen years.  I ran my home like a business and it was an investment super important for my family.  When my ex and I were married, we decided that it would benefit us if I stayed home while he went up the corporate ladder.  He ultimately uprooted our family six times in twelve years for his career and each time, I was responsible for coordinating more than half of each move.  This left time for him to focus on his career,  that also entailed lots of global travel. You guessed it, I was alone a lot of our marriage with kids…

As I look back on that period of my life, it’s crazy how many things I overcame not only as a mom but also as a person.  My role as a full time mother threw me into various situations where I had to adapt to new locations, different cultures, different customs, foreign languages, etc…I selflessly threw caution to the wind and always supported my husband’s career.  It was for our family and I always felt such a huge sense of pride in taking care of everyone.  Our children also had the luxury of always having someone there and this was a huge comfort for them.  They knew that no matter if dad was away, that mom was always there.  

Having lived abroad a few times and observing other families… I can honestly say the work life balance in America is not conducive to a happy harmonious family.  The long hours expected of husbands and wives working in this country is taking a toll on our children, which will ultimately affect their lives down the road.  Take a look at the growth of juvenile centers across our nation and how overly populated our prisons have become.  It just makes me wonder how many of these incarcerated individuals might have taken a different path, if they had been afforded the opportunity to have a stay at home mom that enjoyed that role.  Let’s just be honest, being a mom isn’t for everyone and being a stay at home takes a very special person.   

It’s very disappointing to me that this wonderful God given right is frowned upon in America, but is highly valued in many other countries.  Mother’s in America should have the right to choose motherhood as a career, not be judged or treated less than.  Many other cultures see the importance that a full time mother’s love and guidance instills in their children. Somewhere along our own society’s journey, someone decided that this role made a woman less powerful, less smart, less innovative, less sexy, less driven…I totally disagree though..Freaking stay at home moms are the CEO’s of their own homes.  There is a lot of organizing, coordinating, delegating, empowering, and making important decisions daily..They should get more recognition, especially if they’re doing a great job.  

 We need to celebrate our fabulous stay at home mom’s for their dedication, selflessness, patience, hard work, and for sacrificing years of their own lives for others.  Hands down..It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had and there are so many days that you’re going to feel very unappreciated.  So many times when you will cry, feel alone, be emotionally exhausted from bickering kids, want to find a closet to hide away for some peace, feel so very unsexy from your home attire, feel envious of female friends that go to work looking like a million bucks…Even though you may experience all of this, the joy from taking care your family still wins at the end of the day.  Well, after you have a glass of wine:)

If you are that stay at home mom, thank you so very much for your sacrifice.  I sincerely hope that you make some wonderful memories with your children during this time.  As they become adults, they will remind you of those crazy times you spent together..When and if you choose to work outside of the home again, you will always have those wonderful memories to carry with you…Those will be something no one can take away.    

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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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