Feminism, Chicks Killing Chilvary

“Here, let me open your door for you”, “Thanks but I can open my own door”

” Let me help you with your jacket”, “You don’t need to, I am capable of putting on my own jacket”

“Why are you standing up when I leave the table”? “Because that’s the respectful thing for a man to do”, “It’s not something I need, just stop”

“Put your arm through mine and walk with me”, “Um, why may I ask”, “I was taught this is how to treat a lady”, “I don’t see the importance of that, it’s kinda weird”, “OK, never mind, I guess my parents were wrong about what women want”, ” I don’t need all that respect shit, just treat me like one of the guys”…”So he took her to a hot dog stand”

And Ladies, the men are listening.  There may be a few left that are still old fashioned, respectful, and fighting this new feminist world.  But, rest assured…most have have adapted to this ideology where many women have roared that we don’t need them…

We got this,

We don’t need a man…

Looking back to my childhood years, I remember a different world.  It really was a place where men still held the car door, bought women flowers for no special reason, ran ahead to open a door for a lady, gave up his seat to the lady left standing, would hold her chair as she sat, would rise as she excused herself to the ladies room.  It’s really very sad to watch and observe how young men treat women these days.  In their defense though, it’s not entirely their fault.

With the feminist movement in the 60’s, it brought lots of changes to our country.  As a female, I am thankful for many of those, but unfortunately over time they have slowly spread the message that our men and boys don’t need to treat us special.  I don’t know about the rest of women out there, but I love being treated like a queen by a man.  When a young boy or man runs ahead to get the door for me, it’s so refreshing and reminds me that there are still some good guys that have been raised to respect women. 

Looking back I can see how we got here.  At one point, women couldn’t vote, weren’t encouraged to go to school, to work, or to have an opinion.  All we were good for during those times was to take care of a man.  We have risen and come so far since those times..We have came out screaming…We are women, hear us roar!!  We don’t need you, we can do it all ourselves. 

I don’t believe the first women that started this pendulum swinging, realized just how far off course we would get.  I’m sure they wanted to be treated as equals in many facets of life but to continually shove down a man’s throat that we don’t need them, has back fired. How many successful women out there believe they don’t need a man for anything.  How many shut a man down when he offers to be chivalrous?  This is sending the wrong message to our boys and men.

I have two daughters, an adopted daughter and a son.  It has always been important as a parent to teach my children why it’s important to respect the opposite sex, their elders, their teachers, law enforcement, etc…Because ultimately, feminism which started out with great intentions for women to find equality has evolved into a lack of respect for the males in our country.  Men are a very important part of our society ladies.  Yes, we have a responsibility to empower our young females in this country but with that comes guidance.  Encouraging our girls as their growing up to accept that flower from a boy, to let him help her up off of the ground, to hold an umbrella over her head while it rains, to hold her jacket out for her is so very important…It’s not just the girls that we have to teach and mold either.  Our boys from a very young age need to know how special girls are…As they mature and having had this taught to them, treating a girl like a lady will come naturally.

I empower both sexes to embrace our differences, to find commonality, to empower each other and to realize that biologically we are all special..There will always be men that will never know how to treat a lady special and there will always be women that make it impossible for a man to do this…Maybe if we all try, we can be respectful to both sexes and create a better world for our children. 













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Single Mom, former USAF soldier, fitness instructor, personal trainer, loves life, loves people. My goal in life is to spread positivity and show others that there is a better way.



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