Trapped By NJ

Trapped may be the wrong word but it definitely feels that way.  Life is not something one can predict in any way shape or form.  I am one that takes each day as it is and tries so hard not to get in my head over my given situation.  I am human though and sometimes stepping back allows me a different perspective on the big picture. 

It’s kinda like learning to drive when the your instructor tells you to take in everything that you are seeing…in front, from the side and to the rear.  I see my life in front of me, to the side and in the past.  I obviously didn’t plan on getting stuck in the middle of an intersection trying to decide which way to go.  Life just happens many times and throws us off the course we were comfortable with..I have written articles on my divorce and how it has impacted my life.  It’s all good really.  I can’t sit and whine about my beautiful home, nor the fact that I have my lovely daughter along my journey.  But…the property taxes I am trapped by…I can whine about!!!

Whatever you do…Please don’t move to New Jersey!  I have no family here, nor do I plan on staying past 4 more years when my daughter graduates from High School.  This state literally is the most expensive place that I have ever lived and that includes Europe.  I feel sickened when I write out my mortgage payment that was 4177…that has now increased to 4400.  It’s not even the mortgage company that is causing me discomfort.  It’s the state of NJ!!!!  My property taxes are right at 24,000 a year and that’s the real issue.  Yes, it’s my fault for trying to give my daughter some stability for her life.  Her dad moved us 6 times in 12 years and I truly didn’t want to do that to her again.  I just can’t wrap my head around these property taxes here.  I feel so sick.  It’s not like NJ is the most beautiful place to live…If this isn’t enough to be sickened by…the new tax LAW literally just made me throw up.

Anything over 10,000…you can’t write off in NJ on the property taxes!!! This is a new tax law and so many people are going to need to bend over and literally take it up the ass.  I hate this feeling of being trapped.  I try so hard to please my 14 yr old daughter and now this.  I just can’t win.  My ex has moved out of state to Chicago and has no clue what he left me to deal with.  I struggle daily with the thought of  selling my home, which really won’t be easy now.  How many people want a home with these property taxes that they can’t claim?  I know that I am not the only person that feels this way in Jersey.  I truly don’t understand how they expect anyone to live here.  I will struggle for my daughter so that she can have her friends and the comfort that our home affords us..but I will eventually walk away from this material thing that I’ve called home that has trapped me.  If you are even thinking of moving to NJ…do your research.  This state is a trap and not one that you can easily walk away from.